Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Private Property

Supplies Needed
scrapkit: I used PTU Demon Circle by Maggie's Scraps

tube: I used Goth Girl by
Perfect Posers

Let's get started!

1. Open a 600 x 600 white

2. Copy and paste "sign 05",
add dropshadow, and place a
little lower than right in the
middle of your tag.

3. Copy and paste tube "gg1",
resize 25%, add dropshadow,
and place on top of the sign.

4. Copy and paste "bowdot02",
erase the silver loops off of the
two ends of the bow, resize 25,
place on to right corner of
sign, duplicate, and mirror.

5. Copy and paste "bigrose03",
resize 35, free rotate right 40,
place on bottom right corner of
sign, duplicate, and mirror.

6. Copy and paste
"metalflower03", resize 50%,
and place under the top left
corner of sign.
Duplicate as many times as
you need to form a semi circle
going from that corner to the
top right corner of the sign and
merge all flower layers

7. Set background to #830000,
and foreground to white.
Using your text tool set to
Edwarian Script 72 stroke
width 1, add desired text,
convert to raster layer, add
dropshadow, and place under

8. Add copyright and watermark.
Resize all layers 80%.
Save and you're finished!
tutorial ©Lynnca May 2009
No reproductions in part or in whole are allowed.
You can use my tutorials for challenges
as long as you provide the link only.

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